Dinosaur Dimensions

DINOSAUR dimensions

mEET THE dinosaurs! 

Offering both stationary and strolling attractions! ALSO AMAZING SCHOOL/LIBRARY PRESENTATIONS!

Imagine the excitement of getting to meet realistic dinosaurs up close and personal!!! 
Dinosaur Dimensions provides that experience for your guests!


"Meet the Dinosaurs"

Dinosaur Dimensions

Presented by Strutz Entertainment

Meet Delilah

Towering and full size, Delilah makes quite the impression on your event.  This feathered T-Rex is a popular attraction at fairs and expositions across the country!

Meet Baby Pippi

She is cute, adorable, and of course PINK!  A great way for the little ones to get involved with the dinosaurs without being too frightened.  She yelps and blinks - CUTE Triceratops!

Meet Trevor

The terrifying "over the shoulder" Velociraptor who blinks, screeches, and interacts with the crowds.  Fun for strolling attractions - including fairs, festivals, and expositions!  

AVAILABLE For bookings!

This is your chance to allow your guests to "meet the dinosaurs!"  An amazing collection of realistic puppets present an experience like no other.  From cute baby Triceratops to life size Raptors, to a stationary meet & greet T-Rex - you do not want to miss out on this! 
Both of the smaller dinosaurs are able to be strolled/walked around your event - as these two puppeteer controlled dinosaurs meet the crowds, stop for photos, and make memories with your guests that will last a lifetime.  Kids love the baby Triceratops, and the adolescent raptor makes quite the dino-experience for families in all age groups! 
The 8+ foot T-rex is like no other - she sits in a stationary set-up decorated with a collection of tropical plants - her positioning in the stationary setting makes her much more approachable for the younger ones.  She is fully controlled by an internally placed puppeteer (similar to what you may see in popular theme parks) - and is controlled with a small computer, animatronics, and sound effect board.  She is a great photo opportunity!
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